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Aircraft Battery Transportation Information

The products provided by Concorde Battery Corporation may be subject to export restrictions imposed by the United States. Export Licenses may be required. Customer agrees to comply with all U.S. Government laws and regulations as they relate to the export, transfer and re-export of goods. Customer shall indemnify and hold Concorde Battery Corporation harmless for any loss, damage, or expense, including lost profits, attorney’s fees and court costs, incurred for or as a result of any failure or alleged failure of customer to comply with such laws and regulations.

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Sealed Lead Acid Battery Transportation Information

Concorde Battery Corporation's Concorde, Chairman, Lifeline, and Sun Xtender Series batteries are manufactured utilizing Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The batteries are sealed with the electrolyte absorbed in the fiberglass mat separator material.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements affecting the packaging and transportation of all batteries containing acid or alkali are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Section 173.159.

The Concorde manufactured batteries listed above are non-spillable wet, electric storage batteries. The batteries are excepted from the requirements of the DOT's hazardous materials regulations since they meet the requirements of 49 CFR 173.159(d).

49 CFR 173.159(d) states:

A nonspillable wet electric storage battery is excepted from all other requirements of this subchapter under the following conditions:

  1. The battery must be protected against short circuits and securely packaged;
  2. The battery and outer packaging must be plainly and durably marked "NON-SPILLABLE" or "NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY"
  3. The battery must be capable of withstanding the Vibration and Pressure Differential tests specified in 49 CFR 173.159(d)(3)(i) and 49 CFR 173.159(d)(3)(ii); and
  4. At a temperature of 55°C (131°F), the battery must not contain any unabsorbed free-flowing liquid, and must be designed so that electrolyte will not flow from a ruptured or cracked case.
The Concorde, Chairman, Lifeline, Reliant, and Sun Xtender Series batteries are packed in such a way to prevent short circuits, securely packaged, marked "NON-SPILLABLE" or "NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY", and have been tested by an independent laboratory in accordance with the DOT regulations. Therefore, they do not require performance oriented packaging, hazardous materials markings (eg., UN number), or a hazardous materials label.

The Concorde manufactured batteries listed above also are excepted from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations pursuant to Special provision A67 and Packing Instruction 806.

This notice is to clarify to shippers and transporters that the batteries listed are packaged and marked in accordance to 49 CFR 173.159(d) and are determined to be in compliance with DOT HMR49 Non-Hazardous Materials, the International Civil Aeronautics Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), Special Provisions S.P.A67 & A48. Therefore, these batteries are not restricted for shipment by air or any other means of transportation and are exempted from the hazardous material category.

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Flooded Lead Acid Battery Transportation Information

Concorde Battery Corporation’s Dry Charged (CB) series are shipped dry, without acid in the battery. Batteries without acid are not subject to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR.

Battery fluid, acid, is regulated by the DOT as a hazardous material and is listed in the Hazardous Materials Table 172.101. Prior to shipping acid (in bottles) with or without batteries, it is crucial to ensure all DOT requirements are met. Please refer to the DOT website http://www.dot.gov/ and 49 CFR before shipping any battery or acid that isn’t in its original, unopened box shipped by Concorde.

Concorde Battery Corporation does sell Dry Charged, CB Series batteries in a “Value Pack,” which includes acid in bottles boxed individually, the battery boxed individually and an “overpack” carton that contains both of the smaller boxes. These parcels are subject to the DOT regulatory requirements contained in 49 CFR 173.25 “Authorized Packagings and Overpacks.”

49 CFR 173.25(A) states:

Authorized packages containing hazardous materials may be offered for transportation in an overpack as defined in 171.8 of the subchapter, if all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The package meets requirements of 173.21 and 173.24 of this subchapter.
  2. The overpack is marked with the proper shipping name and identification number, the air eligibility marking, when applicable, and is labeled as required by this subchapter for each hazardous material contained therein, unless markings and labels representative of each hazardous material in the overpack are visible.
  3. Each package subject to the orientation marking requirements of 172.312 of this subchapter is packed in the overpack with its filling holes up and the overpack is marked with package orientation marking arrows on two opposite vertical sides of the overpack with the arrows pointing in the correct direction of orientation.
  4. The overpack is marked with a statement indicating that the inside (inner) packages comply with prescribed specifications when specification packagings are required, unless specification makings on the inside packages are visible.
  5. Packages containing Class 8 (corrosive) materials in Packing Group I or Division 5.1 (oxidizing) materials in Packing Group I may not be overpacked with any other materials.
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